3D Photos by Marc Shandro
Mayan Roadtrip 2011 - Yucatan Mexico
March 11 to April 7, 2011

This gallery shows 14 mayan sites and other places on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico from a roadtrip that Debbie and I enjoyed in March and April of 2011. We started in Cancun to rent our car then set off on a 2300 kilometer journey that took us to these sites (in order): Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Izamal, Ake, Merida, Uxmal, The "Puuc Route" (Kabah, Sayil, Xlapak, Labna), Campeche, Misol-Ha waterfalls, Palenque, Becan, Laguna Bacalar, Chetumal, Tulum, Coba, Si'an Kaan and Punta Allen.

This is an earlier 3D project using just one camera and shifting the lens to take the left image then the right image. This is an easy way to start learning 3D (stereoscopic) photography, but the biggest drawback is that things tend to move in the scene so the left eye will see things that may be out of sychronization with the right eye. So you'll see a few images in this gallery with this problem. Nonetheless, there are many situations where this technique will work fine. Enjoy.

You can maximize the photo viewing window to have the 3D image use the full screen. "Spacebar" and "backspace" are handy to navigate to next/prev image.

Press [H] key to display Help information (after clicking a photo below).

3dstereo.com is a great place to get 3D glasses: The red/cyan glasses are the ones to get.
Prices range from $2 to $7 for the ones shown here.

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