3D Photos by Marc Shandro
Canadian Rockies, Yoho Park BC
Little Yoho Backpack
August 17-19, 2011

"Yoho" is a Cree word meaning "awe" or "wonder". The valley trails along the Yoho and Little Yoho rivers take you by several impressive waterfalls starting with Takakkaw which is the second highest waterfall in Canada. Twin Falls is the other main falls to see in the area and an 8.2 kilometer hike from the Takakkaw Falls parking area. Although both of these falls are impressive the "awe" and "wonder" really becomes apparent as you make the effort to get above treeline and see unobstructed views of imposing glaciers and rugged peaks.

This gallery shows a 3 day backpacking trip with Debbie and my two oldest kids Morgan and Aaron. We hiked to the Little Yoho backcountry campsite which is 10 km from the Takakkaw parking lot. On the second day from our base camp at Little Yoho we hiked up to Kiwetinok Pass in mostly cloudy conditions having the whole area to ourselves to wander by the large lake at the pass and just sit to enjoy the views. The sun found its way to us through some breaks in the cloud as we started our return trip to camp at around 6pm. This encouraged us for sunny blue skies on our last day and return trip. We decided on an unconventional route via a traverse of the Whaleback Peak and ridge to hook up with the established trails and back to the car. This required a bit of route finding at the end of the ridge to connect with the proper Whaleback trail coming from Twin Falls. The 2.5 km ridge walk along the Whaleback was definitely the highlight of our trip with some of the best views of the Canadian Rockies you can get without roping up.

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