3D Photos by Marc Shandro
Jasper Park - Brazeau Loop Backpack
August 27 to September 2, 2011

The inspiration for this 7 day backpacking trip came from Graeme Pole's book Classic Hikes in the Canadian Rockies. Here's the first paragraph description from Graeme's book: "The Brazeau Loop traverses three upper subalpine passes, the shattered crest of a mountain ridge, and the delightful, broad Brazeau Valley - with a stop at one of the larger backcountry lakes in the Rockies. The area is home to grizzly bears, elk, moose, wolf, coyotes, wolverines, cougars, deer, and mountain caribou. This is a great hike for birding. Take your time and enjoy this exquisite landscape. Backpacking in the Rockies does not get any better."

Well, it sure sounded good didn't it. We let our expectations get a little too high on the hopes of sighting animals - a few squirrels and the occasional bird sounds was all we experienced. The weather decided to also challenge our expectations right at the highlight of the trip which was over the Poboktan Pass and Jonas Pass. Nevertheless, hiking through the silence of a high alpine pass with perhaps the season's first snowfall was still delightful.

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